3 Secrets for Overplucked Brows

Did you grow up some time between the 90s and early 2000s? Almost everybody back then was tweezing their eyebrows to non-existence. Then around 2010 thicker eyebrows became all the rage, leaving many feeling hoodwinked and desperate. To those who are *still* working on reversing the actions of their younger selves, I feel your pain. Don’t worry though, there is hope, and with these 3 secrets you will get those brows looking amazing in no time at all.

Close-up shot of overplucked overtweezed eyebrows that was a trend that started in the 90's
Tragically overplucked eyebrows

Many sites tell you to stop tweezing all together, let your eyebrows fill in completely, then reshape them. That’s kind of unrealistic for most of us though. I mean who wants to walk around with eyebrows that look like this for any length of time?

Unsightly eyebrow hair regrowth phase after overplucking eyebrows
Tragic eyebrow regrowth phase

By simply applying these superb tips, your eyebrows will regrow quickly and effortlessly, and you can avoid looking unkempt in the meantime.

Tip # 1: Fill In

Stop tweezing your eyebrows while bare faced. Only tweeze them when they are filled in with brow pencil or powder. When tweezing while bare faced we often hastily remove scragglers, only to later regret our heavy handedness. Filled in brows help you figure out which hairs should definitely stay (however unsightly they may appear) and which ones can go. It acts as as the line umpire if you will, helping you achieve your desired shape.

Tip #2: Stand Back

Do not tweeze your eyebrows with a magnifying mirror. Just don’t. It’s too easy to accidentally over tweeze them at that close range. Looking at your brows from a farther distance allows you to see their true shape and proportion relative to the rest of your lovely face. So stand back and only tweeze your brows using your bathroom vanity mirror. Even if you must lean in to spot shorter hairs, you will still get more immediate feedback on the overall shape of your brows. 

Tip #3: Castor Oil + Silicon Spoolie

My final and best tip is to apply castor oil to your brows (and eyelashes while you’re at it). Simply wash your face before bed, apply castor oil using a silicon spoolie brush, and wash it off in the morning. Applying castor oil with a silicon spoolie brush is both simple and hygienic. The spoolie can be washed with warm water and soap, and used again and again.

Over time you will see, even severely over tweezed eyebrows, regrow into a beautiful natural shape that better suits your face. Now let’s vow to never follow fickle eyebrow trends again!

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