Ikea Spice Jar Drawer

Ikea Korken jars, and a Sharpie oil-based paint marker can be used to create a functional, visually pleasing spice drawer, that you’ll absolutely love using. Simply wash and dry the glass jars, label the jar lids with your favorite spices, and arrange in a shallow drawer (they can also be placed in an upper cabinet, just write on the side of the jars instead of the top). The jars are highly affordable at ~$2 CDN each, and the flip-top lid provides an air-tight seal to prolong spice freshness.

At a 4oz capacity these little jars perfectly fit two 40g bags of organic Club House brand spices, eliminating the need for backstock spices that can be lost or forgotten.

Some points worth mentioning are that the oil-based marker will not rub off with regular hand-washing, saving you from having to repeatedly relabel jars. The glass jars are also quite durable and not prone to breakage. Finally, if there is a spice with a longer name, feel free to break up the name rather than cramming in all of the letters. This will make the name easier to read.

Many can attest that an organized spice drawer helps make cooking a joy and a breeze. If you have been looking for kitchen organization ideas, I hope you will consider creating this affordable Ikea spice jar drawer in your own home.

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